Architecture management

Architectural planning means the creation of new construction projects that must meet all modern requirements, harmonious with urban architecture.

Architectural planning nowadays.

The company realizes the architectural design, such as new houses and renovation of buildings, built in the earlier decades, as well as the architectural design of apartments in older houses and apartments in new residential complexes, offices and restaurants.
One of the most important branches in – project organization. who is willing to undertake such project work as planning, projecting commercial real estate, designing buildings and constructions, including fast-food establishments, shopping malls and residential complexes, cinemas, restaurants, multiplex, multifunctional office and retail and office warehouses, and also the architectural design of individual houses (including the development of the design of the project and so on.).
Equally architectural design – a type of activity, the result – the creation of the architectural project – document, without which it is impossible to begin the construction.
The qualitatively executed architectural project differs – competent, clear and logical zoning, no “functionless” and faceless spaces, minimizing the hallways proper placement of furniture, and above all, originality and design imagination, backed by experience and attention to detail based on the understanding of Personality of the customer.
Hence the architectural design of the building – from multi-level and difficult work that professionals should do. Because architects not only need sufficient experience and knowledge, but also a good understanding of the novelties of the hardware store. It is important to remember and the fact that the development of the project is not only concerned architects but also professionals of other areas.

The architectural design of the houses goes through several phases:

1. The development of the concept of the building (preliminary design in several variants)
2. Design elaboration of selected concepts (plans, facades, sections in full of the chosen variant of the project)
3. Construction projects/foundations, floors, roof, insulation, components, details (including calculations and all specifications).
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