Architecture Management: How to Find a Balance between Business Interests and Society Needs

Architectural Design: Art or Business

The face of the city is determined by the buildings located in it. Therefore, the architecture management before drawing up the project takes into account not only the wishes of the customer, consumer expectations but also the aesthetic side of the structures. In these matters, it is important to maintain balance: the structure should be appropriate for its purpose, cost not too expensive and fit organically into the general landscape. If this is a store, then you need to build it in a crowded place, which will provide profit to the customer; buyers should be comfortable in it; regarding style – it should not be a flashy spot against the background of other houses, but correspond to them in style.

Not all design and construction organizations will cope with these tasks: they must have business opportunities for the construction of the commercial real estate, shopping centers, residential complexes and individual houses, service companies or warehouses.

Design steps

The building project is preceded by a comprehensive planning chain:

  • A clear and logical allocation of the main areas of development;
  • Lack of useless spaces;
  • The originality of design ideas.

All this is a rather complicated job that can only be trusted to professionals. In the process of creating the project, specialists from various fields are involved: from geologists to interior designers. Not every manager can manage human capital. Therefore, designers should be chosen very carefully: only then will the customer receive the expected result, and not problems and disappointments.

Design of structures takes place in three stages:

  1. Development of the main doctrine-concept.
  2. Drawing up a master plan (the situational plan of premises, facades, sections).
  3. Preparation of a full range of project documentation (foundations, ventilation and heating systems, floors, roofing, etc.).

Modern designers can not do without computer technology, because some large firms are increasing investment in IT.

The use of IT technology

Designing large facilities sometimes takes several years. This raises a number of problems that can easily solve virtual data rooms

  • Provides storage of all files in an ordered form; each document is automatically assigned a data room index, which helps to quickly find it;
  • The data room provider provides quick access to the documentation of users located anywhere in the world; experts can provide advice and suggestions at any time;
  • Data banking investment banking guarantees the security of all transactions;
  • A virtual data room ensures the preservation of confidential information, protection against unauthorized access, viruses and cyber-attacks.

Users are also attracted by such moments: the software for the data room does not need to be installed, the interface is clear, and the services of the data room are inexpensive. The vdr provider guarantees the security of M&A transactions during the merger or acquisition of project companies.

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